Exploring the Biblical meaning of 'Loving Our Neighbors’


Activating the Forgotten Commanment


Peter W. Ahlstrom


Jesus taught that ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ was the Bible’s second most important commandment. We often assume that we know what the Bible means by this command, and that we're obeying it.

But do we? Are we? What does the Bible itself mean by ‘love your neighbor?’ Over 3,000 Bible verses give the answers. They tell us who the Bible says our neighbors are, how we are to love them, and why ‘loving our neighbors’ is important. They show what blessings God promises when we love and help our neighbors, and what curses he threatens when we don’t. The book ends by looking at ways we can love our neighbors today.

We hope pastors (and their wives), Sunday School teachers, church leaders, college students, Christian professionals, and others will find this a valuable resource.

This book is copyrighted, and we’re talking with potential publishers. It’s only available on this Web site temporarily.

While it’s here, you’re free to print or download a copy for yourself, as long as you don’t sell copies or use it commercially. You may quote it (just give correct credit).

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Table of Contents

Key Ideas
Key Verses

Section I: "Loving our 'Neighbors" in the Bible

Chapter 1:
What Does "Loving Our Neighbors" Mean?
Chapter 2:
Is Loving Our Neighbors Important?

Section II: Who are our Neighbors?

Chapter 3:
Loving Our Families: What Does the Bible Teach?
Chapter 4:
Loving Our Families: How Can We Do It?
Chapter 5:
Loving The Poor
Chapter 6:
Loving Immigrants, Orphans, and Widows
Chapter 7:
Loving Government Workers and Officials
Chapter 8:
Loving Our Enemies
Chapter 9:
Loving Christians From Other Churches
Chapter 10: Loving The Sick,
Handicapped, Burdened, Lonely, Elderly, and Prisoners

Section III: Our Neighbors' Biblical Needs

Chapter 11:
Food and Clothing
Chapter 12:
Homes and Land
Chapter 13:
Work and Money
Chapter 14:
Chapter 15:
Government and Leadership

Section IV: Practicing "Loving Our Neighbors" Today

Chapter 16:
Tithes, Offerings, and Loving Our Neighbors
Chapter 17:
Loving Our Neighbors Today



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